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Why You Should Add Text To Images + How To Find The Right Ones

Why You Should Add Text To Images + How To Find The Right Ones

Here are YAY images, we love photos. We love choosing amazing photos for our library, we love working with photographers, and we love showing you how to make the most of the images you download.

And maybe you’re nodding along thinking “Sure. Cool. But I don’t need another item on my ‘things to do before I publish a blog post’ list. I don’t want to know another thing I could do to improve my site. I want to live in ignorance! I don’t want to spend another five minutes fussing with my images!”

To which we say:

1. Don’t worry! This is fast and painless (especially if you use our in-site editor – no downloading, uploading, and then downloading again!)

2. If you’re going to spend all that time writing a helpful blog post, adding alt text to your images so they’re more SEO-friendly, and promoting your posts on social media … why not spend the extra three minutes making them infinitely more shareable?


Here are 3 reasons why you should add text to your images + how to do it

  • It strengthens your brand

Your brand is more than the fonts and colors you use, but your visual identity is a huge part of how people recognize you. Adding text to your photos is an opportunity to remind your followers what your brand looks like and how it feels. When you’re really consistent with your branding, your work and images will become instantly recognizable

  • It makes your images and blog posts more Pinterest-friendly

Even if you’re not using Pinterest, it’s likely that some of your readers, clients, and customers are. As of September 2015, the platform had 100 million active users and they’re not just pinning crafts and recipes. There are thousands of boards devoted to tech, marketing, travel, and best business practices. Whatever you’re writing about, there are people searching for information on that topic and pinning what they find.

How do you make your images more Pinterest-friendly?


* Make them tall and long. This helps them stand out in Pinterest’s newspaper-column-style format.
(Pssst! You can actually search our photo by horizontal or vertical orientation!)

* Add the title of your blog post to the image

When people pin a blog post, they’re interested in the content of that blog post; other pinners won’t know what the post is about if you don’t add text to the image. When people are scrolling through Pinterest they’re more likely to click on an image that links to a blog post that’s filled with helpful information. They’ll know the blog post is helpful because you added the title to the image! 

  • Images + text = incredibly shareable content

If you use social media, you’ve seen them: inspirational quotes atop photos of clouds, snarky saying paired with cartoons, and viral memes. Those images are everywhere because they work! They’re easily consumable and incredibly shareable. They work well with the Facebook algorithm because you’re posting the content right there on Facebook, not asking your followers to click a link that takes them away from Facebook (something that the platform ‘penalizes’ you for.)

Look through things that you’ve written and published and find the best, most sound-bitey pull quotes Turn those into social media images. (You can see how Being Boss does this in their Instagram feed!)

How do you find images that pair well with text?

When it comes to pairing images and text, not all photos were created equal. Text adds another layer of interest, so you want an image that’s relatively uncluttered. If you’re creating an image that’s Pinterest-friendly, it’s nice to work with a photo that’s already vertical, so you’re not cropping a photo that was composed with a horizontal layout in mind.

Your image and text pairings will look even better if you place your text in a blank, open portion of the image. Adding text to white space is much more pleasing to the eye than shoehorning text on top of a busy background.

We don’t want you to spend 45 minutes searching for the right photo, so we recently added a text space search option! Tell us where you’d like to place your text – upper right corner? centered? entire left side? – and we’ll pull all the photos that fit that criteria.


Give it a try! Spend those few extra minutes adding text to your image and watch your likes, favorites, and traffic dramatically increase!



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