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The simplest and easiest way to get a presentation done – with our add-in

The simplest and easiest way to get a presentation done – with our add-in


          They say things aren’t too complicated, but that we complicate them ourselves. Well… sometimes we don’t complicate things directly, but they come to us somehow complicated already – and we have to find the best solutions in order to simplify them. From the way we repair our houses to the way we conduct our projects and form them – and how we present them further along.

            We know you want to benefit from the fastest and simplest solutions available, and if possible all tools in the same place. You have a pitch that you need to present to a client, you have the ideas, written down as well. All you need is to make a good powerful presentation. It’s like you have the theory, but you have to get to the not so easy part: The actual doing.


Now the stress takes over. You haven’t even started and you know what is coming next:  You scratch your head and think about what images would fit your ideas (since the brain responds and remembers info better from images than from text).  You then start searching for them, which will soon look more like a mindless hunt on numerous websites and you quickly encounter other issues too: You saved a few previews, you put them in your PowerPoint presentation and they looked spectacular, right? But not when you add text, because you haven’t taken in consideration the need for copy space to add the text, which is alright, but from those images only a few are useable, so you have to start another search. You end up wasting a lot of time, hours if not a whole day researching what images to use.  After you’re finally stressed the hell out of your mind to find the right images it’s time to get them and start your work on the actual presentation. Do you have a headache and feel like banging your head on the keyboard or quitting? We totally get it and we have the solution that will make all this seem like a distant nightmare that will leave you laughing at it after it is done.          

What if I were to tell you that you could search for images directly from the application, try them and select with just a click of a button to see only the images that best fit your text placement needs, and buy them all together from the app without the need to ever leave it?

You can actually do this now and we can help you out.  We have created, in a partnership with Microsoft, a PowerPoint add-in that gives you direct access to our whole image base from within PowerPoint. You can get it from their Office 365 for free and start using it. To make it very easy we’ve added search filters into it so you can search if you want images with people. Whether you want a group of people, one or none, you can select only those that best fit your category.

pp1 - people

Then you can choose where you want the image to have space for text, up, down, left or right, you decide by clicking the blocks into the filter.

pp2 - text

You found an image that best fits your theme and you want more images in that category? You can select the similar search and you get them with only one click.

pp3 - silr

And while you do this you can click Insert button to see how a preview would look in your presentation.  And if you decide to purchase it you can sign up for a subscription plan directly from the app as well.

pp4 - insert

Now all you have to do is test it out and watch yourself gain more time for other activities you put on hold. We’ve prepared a bonus code for you to try it out, that gives you 1 month free to the More subscription plan. Use this code when you sign up: OFFICE365 directly from the add-in. 

Now go and impress the team with how efficient you were in getting your presentation ready faster and with less stress!  Do share the secret thou’, because your good will feel even better when you help others too. You can get the add-in here:

Microsoft – Yay images Power Point add-in 

We’re really excited to be sharing this with you, so we’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas about the add-in and what issues you are experiencing in creating your presentation. Together we will always find the best solutions. 

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