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The Power Of Social Marketing When Using Images To Tell Your Story!

The Power Of Social Marketing When Using Images To Tell Your Story!

The Power of Social Marketing When Using Images

The most powerful pictures are taken in the heat of the moment. At least that’s how 80% of the world is doing it ever since cameras were placed on our phones.

An image may express a hundred words, or even a thousand words, and could pass a message many words wouldn’t give. A good business marketer would know what this means.

One would see an image that is worth a hundred words which then, in turn, could be worth a thousand dollars in revenue and an image that is worth a thousand words, could also be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.

This tends to make the best out of successful business ideas because people pay less attention to things these days.

This has made lengthy and long explanations less efficient, buttressing the powers of digital marketing.

What are the benefits of social media marketing?

Visual marketing is critical in the world we are in today. People depend on stock photo images when it comes to sharing ideas, powering up their communications, and educating themselves about things they have an interest in.

Visual marketing works the same way, it gives people a feeling of the products and services you offer.

This is a feature which a hundred written words may not attain, making it a successful business idea.

So how do images make a big difference in marketing? The answers to these questions are listed below.

The Secret of Social Media Marketing.

successful ideas and business concepts

1. Images Help Build Credibility in your Brand!

Visual marketing gives clear and succinct details about the product you are marketing.

It gives potential buyers confidence and certainty that you are selling what you promise, helping you to build your reputation and credibility successfully.

Also, when marketing is done with high-quality images, it gives a better demonstration of the products you are presenting, helping you build your brand over time.


2. It Tells Your Story!

Images make a big difference in marketing as it assists in telling a more impactful story to your audience. Complex ideas are more complicated when put into writing but these plans can be made understandable when represented by images.

Most powerful pictures help to explain why your product is the best choice amongst other competitors and can make a huge difference in terms of converting more people into potential customers.

For example: 

When you sell expensive motorcycles and your target market is young swayful buyers, pictures of young beautiful men or women of the latest fashion help to tell your story while showing who your product is intended for.

Biker girl sitting on motorcycle

3. It Reaches a Wider Audience!

Images are paramount in marketing because it has the potential to reach a bigger audience. It is believed that 93% of communication is visual, which clearly indicates how important images actually are when promoting any successful business idea.

Your products also become more shareable among friends & family when portrayed in images. Word of mouth is still one of the strongest forms of marketing/communication and will stay like this for a very long time because most people tend to listen to friends and family when making purchase decisions.  

According to statistics content with images receive 94% more views than content without pictures, and it is 45 times more likely to be shared on social networks.  Free advertisement equals more conversions which mean’s more money for your business.

4. It Is Easily Processed!

Images are processed 600,000 times faster than text. It was proven that people retain 10% of what they hear, 20 % of what they read and 80% of what they see.

Messages received from images are stickier in our brains than those derived from texts.  It explains how important images are and the differences it would make when they are used in marketing.

5. Makes Message More Interesting!

People pay close attention to images when attached to a social media posts. The use of images allures and entices people who hope to know more about a product by scanning through pictures and illustrations. 

Man hold in hand a vintage old camera

Let’s face it we are visual beings that love to see beautiful things, so when something catches your attention it immediately makes you want to know more.

Final thoughts!

Visual communication is stickier than any other form of content sharing. So unless you are selling to animals, know that images in the marketing world won’t just make a business grow, but will also increase your revenue when using these types of social marketing strategies.

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