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How To Use Current Events To Create More Popular Content

How To Use Current Events To Create More Popular Content

When you log onto Facebook, how often do you see people sharing articles about marketing? Or a blog post about Google analytics? No? People aren’t falling all over themselves to share work-related content on their personal social media accounts.

But how frequently do you see people talking about the season finale of a popular tv show? Or sharing articles about the current election? Or commenting on the outcome of a huge sporting event or their holiday plans?

Current events float to the top of every social media platform; they get people excited, talking, and sharing. They make an otherwise dry topic accessible and engaging. With a bit of strategy and planning, you can work current events into your editorial calendar and reap the benefits.

yay-21131528-digitalWhy you should create seasonal, current event-related content

Content that ties into current events is more clickable and much more intriguing
Which sounds more interesting: “5 New Ways To Market Your Brand” or ““5 Things Donald Trump Is Teaching Us About Branding  – combover and all”? You’ve probably seen hundreds of listicles about branding, but have you seen a listicle that considers branding from the perspective of a bombastic, abrasive politician? Even if you hate Donald Trump, your interest has been piqued by that headline.

Current event-related content appeals to a larger audience

An article called “5 New Ways To Market Your Brand” appeals to branders and marketers. An article called “5 Things Donald Trump Is Teaching Us About Branding – combover and all” appeals to branders, marketers, and politicos.

Of course, those politicos might not be your ideal clients, but who knows? It’s always better to have more readers and a bigger audience. You never know who will happen upon your content, love it, and share it.

Content that’s related to current events is favored by social media algorithms

Current event-related content is more likely to be shared and it’s more likely to be seen by your Facebook followers. If you’re not sure what to write about, look in the right sidebar of your Facebook page, at the ‘trending’ column. will tell you what’s trending on Twitter.

How to incorporate current events into your content

Think about what this current event can teach us about your topic
What did you learn about photography from watching Star Wars? What is America’s presidential campaign teaching you about marketing? What have the contestants on that hot reality show taught you about personal branding?

Draw a parallel between two seemingly unrelated topics

Some of the best, most popular content is surprising content. When you see the headline “7 Things That Bernie Sanders and Video Game Designers Have In Common” – aren’t your surprised and intrigued? Don’t you find yourself thinking “Ha! Surely those two have nothing in common!” … and then clicking the link? Pointing out those unexpected connections really draws readers in.

Plan for current event related content months in advance

You can’t predict the news cycle or what a politician will do or say, but you can plan content around holidays, yearly events, or movie and book releases.

How could you create content around the JK Rowling book that’s coming out in July? What could you write that ties into the release of the all-female Ghostbusters movie this summer? Of course, you can plan for content that’s related to Christmas, tax season, summer vacations, and New Year’s resolutions!

Seasonal, current-event content takes a bit of forethought and planning but the extra effort will pay off in traffic and subscribers. Who knows? You might even end up in the trending column!

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