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How to improve a PowerPoint presentation in 300 seconds

How to improve a PowerPoint presentation in 300 seconds


     One of the best ways to show your product and ideas, either inside your company or to clients, is to “pitch” them using a PowerPoint presentation. Doing that will ensure that your ideas get through to your interlocutor in a fast and more understandable way than by just talking about them. People need to be engaged visually and you need to make things as short and concise as possible. That’s where a presentation comes in handy. Now, making a good presentation is not that easy, but there are methods and tools available to help you achieve it in a short amount of time – and with less stress involved.



     The first thing you need to take into consideration is the look of the slides, and we’d advice that you avoid dull and overcrowded ones that will only cause confusion. Dmitry Myskov helps improve slides that people send him, and he shows how he does it in under 300 seconds in videos on his YouTube channel. Thus giving the viewer a complete look into the process of making a great and engaging presentations, from finding the right images, to adding bullets, finding fonts and color, etc. He does this on a regularly and in the recent video he used our rather awesome PowerPoint add-in. He shows how to add text to images and how to find them using our text space search filter, a unique feature among stock image agencies which makes the process a lot faster and easier.

     You can now follow Dmitry’s insights (we suggest subscribing to his YouTube-channel) and start building better and faster presentations.

     You can also test our add-in for free and get 10 images by using the coupon code OFFICE365 when you sign up.

     One thing to keep in mind is that when signing up you will be asked for your credit card info, just like most subscription services online. You can cancel the subscription anytime, no strings attached, after the free month with the coupon code, if you decide not to use the service anymore. You will only be charged if you decide to keep the plan in the next month. You can see the details of the subscription plan in your account and also write us anytime if you have questions or need help.

     Let us know what you think about the add-in and how we can help you make that great presentation that says: win without pitching! Don’t be shy in contacting us or Dmitry. Together we can create better presentations and products, thus helping you save time that is so valuable in this era of constant rush.

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